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Legal Information & terms of use

Pastisseria Núria’s website & online store is a electronic business where all the manufactured products by Pastisseria Núria are sold. Pastisseria Núria is located at Joaquim Costa street, number 3-5, in Terrassa, Barcelona.

From pastisserianuria.cat we want to bring our products to everywhere on an easy, fast and trust way, always with our professionalism and tradition along more than 50 years in our oven and store.

We offer you 3 ways:

• Email: botiga@pastisserianuria.cat
• Phone: 937 86 07 92
• Contact Page in our site (link)

Our prices are shown in euros and are tax-included.

The product’s images on our online store are faithfully shown as they are delivered. Due to stock and logistic states, it’s possible that the packaging looks different than our online photos.

Our delivery time will begin as soon as the order is payed, and it ends between 4-8 days after, due to stock states.

Pastisserianuria.cat will work to make the delivery as soon as posible. We commit to comunicate inmediately any problem related with your order, if any.

Bought products throug our online store will be sent to the delivery address that the user has informed in the order, once the payment is accepted. The order will be on the way in 24 hours, always that the product is available. You can ask for information from Tuesday until Sunday.

We won’t send orders to unknown postal codes, neither unknown addresses.

Our products are all developed and made on the traditional and crafty way using only the best primary resources. Pastisserianuria.cat commit to deliver every order to the given address in optimum conditions. Due to the transport, it’s possible that some product arrive damaged. If this happens, we beg you to let us know to act in consequence in future orders. Pastisserianuria.cat uses in every order the most suitable packaging to ensurre that the delivery is correct. Also, we inform that the packaging contais perishable and fragile content.

The shown terms of use, as the contracts signed, are under the applicable legislation.